Daniil Timchenko for Vanity Teen Online, 2018

Eat the Rich, 2018 for Elegant Magazine Print Issue #45

Ballet is for Boys, 2018 for Ryker Magazine Online

Dodge Dunlap, 2018 for Male Model Scene

Skye is the Limit, 2018 for Yearbook Fanzine #13

Dane Klenk for Male Model Scene, 2018

Teenage Dirtbag, 2018 for Kaygod Magazine

Spring Training, 2018 for Period. #42

Lost in Time, 2018 for Period-Skins #3

All American Reject, 2017 for Lewis Magazine

La Dame en Or, 2017 for Pansy Magazine

Standard Issue, 2017 for Dapper Tapper Magazine

Riverrun, 2017 for Fuzz Magazine